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Microbioreactor Devices
  • 1mL(CCPST-1) or 2 mL (CCPMM-1)working volume (US Patent 7367550, Patents Pending)
  • Integrated pH, DO, and Optical Density sensors
  • Water plus 4 additional fluid feeds
  • Optional perfusion port (replaces a fluid feed)
  • Active mixing in seconds
  • kLa ~20-40 (1/hr)
  • Batch, Fed-batch, Chemostat, Turbidostat, Chemostat-perfustion, Turbidostat-perfusion
  • Customizable for different cell types
2 mL Perfusion Microbioreactor (CCPMM-1)

1 mL Perfusion Reactor (CCPST-1)

GTRS6-S Disposable Fluid Sources

  • Delivered sterilized in sealed bags
  • Standard configuration for tube welding but can be customized for user's process
  • Easy connector to interface with microbioreactors (Patent Pending 62221044)

MCM-001 Microbioreactor control module
(US Patent 9328962)

  • Independently operates one microbioreactor device
  • Fast setup with no individual tubing connections
  • Optional in-situ recalibration of sensors
  • Automated bioreactor setup
  • Automated fluid feeding
  • Temperature control (ambient – 45C)
  • pH control (5.5-8.5)
  • DO control (0% - 100% air saturation)
  • CO2 control option
  • Flow control (0.03-1.5 1/hr) dilution rate)

Patent Pending

MBS-004 Quad-mini Bioreactor Control Hub

Supports up to 4 multiplexed microbioreactor modules.
Space efficient: 33 cm (w) x 40 cm (d) x 33 cm (h) overall

SS-001 System Software
  • Easy to use, intuitive software interface to Microbioreactor Control Modules.
  • Setup and run basic steady state experiments using the graphical user interface.
  • Powerful scripting interface to execute complex protocols.
    • set point sweeps
    • conditional set point adjustments
    • programmed induction
    • programmed feed composition variation
    • Serial batch experiments
  • Remote software and web access